…I’m too busy to mantain a blog!

But who cares, I’m going to try anyway. And I’m going to write in English (self enforced exercise, yeah! Feel free to correct me in the comments, I’ll be happy to fix stuff), attempting to offer my extremely useful and wise posts (…) to a wider audience (and, just a little, to piss off people who thinks I’m just showing off when I opt for the english edition of some technical book available in Italian too – seriously, I do that just to avoid hilarious stuff like “overflow” translated as “trabocco”. Yeah, I’ve seen that. Really!).

So, what are you supposed to find here in the future? Mostly, boring technical stuff with code snippets, quick hands-on tutorials made mostly as a reminder to myself, and information about what I’m studying or working on. Occasionally I might even go philosophical, you’ve been warned.

Currently, the most probable topics are related to

  • cross platform native software development and manteinance with QT, because of my work as programmer for Zodiac, a digital delivery platform focused on adventure games (<spam>register now! free games available to test the platform!</spam>)
  • OpenGL and rendering algorithms, because of the master thesis I’m working on in ISISlab, a research lab of the Università degli Studi di Salerno
  • videogame programming and game design, storytelling in videogames (because it’s what I talk about with my Hexence mates, and the three of us are going to release games, I promise)
  • low level programming, software security, reverse engineering,  programming challenges and wargames – because it’s fun stuff

Ok, write you soon. Or not too soon, ’cause you know, I’m too busy to mantain a blog.