About me

Dario Scarpa, somewhere nicknamed Dusk, born 1984 in Salerno, Italy, currently living in London.

Geek without shame, programmer without garbage collector.

With a long list of movie and tv shows waiting to be watched. And a longer list of books and comic books.

Not sure if it’s most fun playing videogames, or making them. Doing both, while deciding. He’ll let you know.

Sometimes, writes “about” pages in third person.


Then he writes more seriously…
…the era of “everything about me is on my website” is over. The relevant bits are spread around, according to what you are looking for (ie: professional info on LinkedIn, gaming profile on Steam, open source code on GitHub).
It’s not THAT bad after you get used to it. And you did, right? So – I’m going to stay minimal here!

Wanna know something more about me? Get in touch! I always reply to e-mails!
I mean, sometimes I also reply to those strange russian girls asking to get married!

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